Monthly Archives: December 2018

Family Friendly Farm Learning

  Community Event at the Abundant Table Farm Saturday, February 9th, from 2:30 to 5pm Please join us for this fun day of learning, service, fellowship, and spiritual growth! Open to all. The day will include a tour of the farm, a spiritually thematic grounding/exercise connected to the farm and activity on the farm (most likely weeding, … Continued

Minister’s Message January 2019 – Possibility

Happy 2019 and welcome to January, our month focused on the theme of Possibility! Paulo Cochlo wrote, “It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” What dreams, what possibilities are you beginning with in 2019? What hopes do you have for your life, for our community and the world? The … Continued

President’s Message December

Season’s greetings from your Board President. Whatever and wherever you find yourselves celebrating this year, thank you for being a part of our CVUUF family. Hopefully you are not among those stressed out with shopping and planning and things to do lists. Of course, you need to do all that stuff, we all do. But … Continued

Religious Education News December

I love the mystery of miracles, don’t you? All range of miracles are worth cheering for, from the house spared from a wildfire, right down to that $5 bill you just found in the laundry. You’re not quite sure how it happened but feel gratitude, nonetheless. That house that was spared? The fire insurance lapsed … Continued