Monthly Archives: February 2019

Religious Education News February

I recently read an article from the Harvard Business Review, The Neuroscience of Trust by Paul J. Zak. I find the human brain fascinating, and with our theme of Trust, I decided this was something I could dig into. Through various experiments over 10 years, the organizers created a survey to help companies see in … Continued

Social Action February 2019

  All are welcome to join in our semi-annual Social Action meeting with Rev. Nica on Sunday, April 7 from 12:30pm to 2pm (date revised from March).  Get acquainted with the activities of our three Social Action ministries and our Community Forums as we consider new possibilities together. Many of us find our lives are full and … Continued

President’s Message February 2019

  Happy wet February and Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. I trust your roof didn’t leak and you that feel the love of people around you. Of course, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe your roof did leak, or maybe you’re feeling relatively unloved today or this month. If either of those are true, I am sorry for … Continued

Minister’s Message February

Minister’s Column February 2019 Theme: TRUST This month we explore the theme of Trust together. This Sunday, we’ll look at the possibility of trusting life, even when the old maps no longer work, when everything seems to fall apart, or the road ahead is unclear. Can we trust that life will unfold in a good … Continued