Monthly Archives: November 2019

Chalice Social Action Nov 2019

 Chalice Social Action Happenings Important work and motivating actions are happening at Chalice.  We now have four justice areas of focus.  They are: (1) economic, (2) racial and cultural, (3) gender and reproductive, and (4) climate.  Thank you to all the interested and involved people who attended our Nov. 3 Semi-Annual Social Action Meeting with … Continued

Breathing Lessons

In this service we will explore the many ways breath is used to enhance our sense of personal aliveness, heal what ails us, and, just perhaps, allow us an opening into a realm of spiritual awareness, inaccessible without it.

Minister’s Message November 2019

      Minister’s Column November 2019 – Attention As we begin this month focused on the theme of ‘Attention’, I am particularly struck by the poetry of Mary Oliver. Her work is an exquisite exercise in paying attention to beauty in the world, making the ordinary extraordinary through her attentive noticing. Mary Oliver teaches … Continued