Minister’s Message November 2019

      Minister’s Column November 2019 – Attention As we begin this month focused on the theme of ‘Attention’, I am particularly struck by the poetry of Mary Oliver. Her work is an exquisite exercise in paying attention to beauty in the world, making the ordinary extraordinary through her attentive noticing. Mary Oliver teaches … Continued

Minister’s Message September 2019

Dear Ones, As we celebrate our Ingathering and launch the new church and school year, we explore the theme of ‘Expectation’ this month. Expectation is a word that can make many of us uncomfortable. It conjures up what we demand from one another and from life. Expectations can be hard to meet and may establish … Continued

Social Action Update August 2019

Guest writer Gordon Clint I am inspired that Chalice members are loving our planet in so many ways: Come to “Love Our Planet” – a family-friendly Community Forum with lunch at noon on Saturday, September 21. All ages are welcome to participate in fun, entertaining, interactive, and educational activities about caring for our planet.  This … Continued

Minister’s Message August 2019

Minister’s Message – August 2019     It is good to be back at Chalice! I’m excited to begin our fourth year together. Meanwhile, thank you for granting me a productive, rejuvenating, and inspiring break. During my 3 weeks of Study Leave, I read a number of excellent books. You’ll be hearing about them in … Continued

Social Justice July 2019

  Next Steps   Lights for Liberty in Camarillo was a success with hundreds of people and some 40 Chalice members and friends participating to uphold human rights at the border.  Thanks to overall planning from a wide coalition of community groups and certain individuals from Chalice like Willie, Pamela, Danielle, Tiffany and Brian P. our … Continued

Social Justice Updates June 2019

    Sadly, in recent months we have seen continuous governmental assault on many people.  From states passing legislation to restrict health care for women, to the cruelty of national immigration policies – there seems to be a focus on hurting those who are desperate or living in poverty. Fortunately, there are people all around … Continued

Social Justice News

Action Brings Hope A Message From Our Acting Social Justice Chair Barbara Leighton Opportunities abound for possible actions to transform the world through justice and compassion.  You can pick one or more to encourage yourself and others along the way.  Some require getting out and connecting with other people.   Other actions can be done … Continued

Minister’s Message May 2019

Dearest Members and Friends of CVUUF,   I am excited to explore the theme of ‘Curiosity’ with you this month. When it comes to curiosity, we often leave out ourselves and what’s right in front of us. Saint Augustine captured this perfectly when he wrote, “People go abroad to wonder at the heights of mountains, … Continued

Social Justice Updates

Gather the spirit, harvest the power.  Jim Scott’s UU hymn tells the story.  When we join our spirits together in the work of seeking justice and compassion, we are more powerful.  Our efforts are magnified greater than the sum of individuals.  We learn from one another, support each other, and celebrate together.  We become accountable … Continued