Neighborhood Networks:

  • build community among Conejo Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship congregants through social events at member’s homes, or a group event at a local venue
  • enable for the nurturing of fellow congregants when a need arises through providing of meals, rides, or other errands/service
  • team leaders meet regularly to communicate and plan
  • congregants meet with their network on the 5th Sunday– ‘DOT’ Sunday

Neighborhood Networks began as a way to involve more members with the care of all congregants. The towns serving the Conejo Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship have been divided into networks. A congregant’s nametag bears a dot with the ‘color’ of their neighborhood. Congregants living in each network socialize with and serve the members within their network. Katie Morgan is the chairperson of the Neighborhood Network leaders. Contact the Neighborhood Network leaders at