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Chalice Weekly Family Update
October 15, 2020

October’s theme is… Deep Listening

Sunday Morning Service at 10am 

 Listening for the Truth
with Rev. Nica Eaton-Guinn



In the midst of all the noise in our world, social media hype, conspiracy theories, fake news and lies, how do we discern what’s true? Does truth even exist? Today we explore the spiritual practice of listening for the truth.

Family Chapel – Sundays 9-9:30am


Enjoy music, stories, and checking in with friends. Ideal for younger children through 3rd grade but all are welcome!

**There will be no Family Chapel held November 1. Instead we will hold an Intergenerational event during our Ancestors service at 10am.**

Crossing Paths –  Catholicism begins Sunday, November 1!

Registration for the November sessions begins October 10



Open to 4th through 8th graders, we explore a different religion each month through videos, discussions, and activities. This is highly recommended to youth in 7th and 8th grade, offering a strong base when they begin Coming of Age in the 2021-22 church year.


For more information contact your DRE Sam Dickerson at

PWR Youth Cons are back!

All events are open to every high school youth in the Pacific Western Region.

October 16th and 17th – hosted by MDD

November 20 and 21st – hosted by PSWD

Cost is $35/event and scholarships are available.

You can expect each event to fall within the hours of 6pm-8pm (Pacific Time) on Friday night and 1pm-8pm on Saturday. While each one may differ slightly, this is the longest time period on each day that each event will occupy. For more information visit our website

Is your youth looking for volunteer opportunities?


Friends of Farmworkers is looking for volunteers with various events and tasks, from packing food and distributing it to fieldworker families to making phone calls to local service agencies.

If you or your youth is interested in helping out this worthy cause, contact Judy Fisk Lucas through  

Dream It! Be It! Do It! – A Vision Board Affair!

Saturday, October 17, 5-8pm

Register by this Thursday!!

Breathe deep, then visualize the person you want to be and the future you want to create. Vision boarding is a creative way to take those first steps toward making your dreams a reality. Join other visionaries for mediation, art, and fun! 

This event is open to adults and youth looking to deepen their soul searching and be the best person they can be. Please RSVP on Eventbrite

You can email Sam Dickerson for more information

Did you know… October is Clergy Appreciation Month!

Clergy Appreciation Day falls on the second Sunday in October, but luckily, we get a whole month to appreciate our amazing Rev. Nica! Send her a little note letting her know how she has brightened your life or the life of Chalice, or maybe just to let her know she’s awesome. Hand drawn art and notes from children are always a thoughtful gift for a minister who loves our families.

Thank you, Rev. Nica, for being the sunshine in our congregation!

Why are vampires so easy to fool?

Because they’re suckers!

Need a laugh? Who doesn’t!

Check out this list of 40 Jokes for Kids or this one with Candy Corny jokes for Halloween.  Maybe try some laughter yoga with these children in India. Or enjoy this compilation of funny videos.

Laughter—the ultimate stress reliever!

Our mission: Religious Education empowers children and youth and supports families with tools to create a world of justice and compassion.