10Our children and youth learn about our faith in the classroom and through life experience.  The following Extras demonstrate our commitment to creating a culture of empowerment and love of our children and youth.  For more information, please contact Samantha Dickerson, Director of Religious Education.

Intergenerational Worship

Chalice believes that every age and stage of life is equally valued and equally supported in our worship.  Intergenerational worship allows our children and youth to learn about the adult worship experience and its traditions. Children and youth often participate by lighting the chalice at the beginning of an adult worship service.  Other opportunities include children’s choir, presenting a reading, or designing an entire worship service.

Pancake Breakfast

The Upper Elementary class prepares a Pancake Breakfast on one Sunday every other month.  Proceeds are split between camp scholarships and the Religious Education Discretionary Fund which is used for youth and families in need.

Parent Night Out

One Friday night, every other month, parents of children from birth through age 10 can receive free, safe childcare provided by our Childspace leaders.

Children’s Choir

The Chalice Children’s Choir performs periodically throughout the church year.  Weekly rehearsals between services are led by a member of the congregation.  Children gain musical experience, build skills of working with others, and deepen their understanding of the worship experience.











We are all kind people. We smile at strangers, hold an elevator for another person, put a few extra dollars in a donation box. The list of our kind acts is endless.

Sometimes, though, we need to mix it up, think of something new. Try a simple random act that you might not have thought of. Here is an excellent way to put a little more thought into what we do. Thanks to randomactsofkindeness.org, we have the “31 Day Kindness Challenge”! Some of these challenges you might already do on a regular basis. That’s great! So think outside the box. Are you already a big tipper? Leave a ‘thank you’ note with your tip. Do you already donate toys to a charity? Offer to volunteer with a collection. The point is to put some extra focus on spreading the good. There is truth to the idea that paying it forward is contagious. Set the example. You have been challenged!

There are 3 ways to nab your challenge:

  1. Download the calendar here http://downloads.randomactsofkindness.org/rak31.pdf
  2. Grab a printed copy in Fellowship Hall, or print the one below.
  3. Watch this how-to video on how to create your own calendar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtl35PrWVcc&feature=youtu.be


My hope is that, by participating in this challenge, your spirit is lifted and you are moved to inspire others to act in kind. Have fun!