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Chalice Weekly Family Update

May 6, 2021

May’s theme is… Story

Sunday Morning Service at 10am 

Stories from Lives Well Mom’ed

with Matt Chapa and Friends

We all have a mother – but there our similarities end. Our experience of motherhood is dynamic and can run the gamut from warm to reactive. Join us for a reflective service on this observation of Mother’s Day with readings, music, and the sharing of Chalice Mothers’ stories of motherhood.

Zoom ID: 209 555 249      Passcode: 2020

Family Chapel 


Enjoy music, stories, and checking in with friends. Ideal for younger children through third grade but all are welcome!

Tie Dye Party!

Saturday, May 15, noon to 4pm, @ Chalice in front of Fellowship Hall

Registration now open! Only a few spots left!

We will only have space for 10 participants each hour. Please register each person in your group to ensure we have enough supplies for all and proper spacing for a safe event.

All participants must wear a mask throughout your stay at the event.

Please limit your items for dying to two per person (t-shirts, skirts, pants, tote bags, pillowcases, or whatever you like!). For the best outcome, items should be 100% natural fiber (cotton, rayon, bamboo, hemp, linen, etc.). Dye, gloves, aprons, and plastic bags will be provided.

Questions? Contact Sam Dickerson at

Anne Renouf - Art and the Creative Spirit: Drawing the Circle Wide


Deadline for video entries extended to Friday, May 14!

Have you heard of this amazing opportunity given to Chalice!?

Our congregation has been asked to create the video and music for the opening of General Assembly 2021! WOW!!! Our awesome choir and musicians will be performing a beautiful rendition of “Draw the Circle Wide”, while the rest of our congregation creates videos dancing, playing, twirling and showing how we draw the circle wide.

Get creative! Stand in a circle holding hands with your family. Draw circles in the dirt on a hiking trail or at the beach. Build circles out of Legos or paint circles on a canvas or spin in circles with your loved ones or… However you can show Chalice is drawing the circle wide. We want to see people of all backgrounds, all shapes, all sizes, all ages, all abilities, all races, all genders, everybody!

To receive the music to sing along with, contact Michael Guinn at He will also be the one you send your videos in to. All videos must be received by Michael no later than Friday, May 14.

Doodle - Easy Scheduling - Apps on Google Play

Have you answered the Doodle Poll yet?

Rev. Nica and Sam will be hosting a Family Town Hall in June. Our intent: to hear your voices as we plan for the future of RE at Chalice. Please take a moment of your time to click on this link, then click on the times that would work best for your schedule. We are working to accommodate as many families as possible and are grateful for your input.

Please respond to the poll no later than Monday, May 10. Thank you!

General Assembly: The Unitarian Universalist Association's Annual Meeting |

Is your youth interested in attending General Assembly?

This is a perfect time for Youth and Young Adults to meet with like-minded peers from across the continent.

Be a witness to social action.

Build relationships beyond Chalice.

Go deeper within your chosen faith.

Go here for more information. Scholarships are available through the UUA and Chalice.

Parent Gathering

Every third Saturday of the month at 10:30am

Next meeting: May 15

Via Zoom:

Join fellow parents of Chalice for an informal gathering to share meaningful fellowship and catch up. Get to know other parents at Chalice better and talk about what’s on your mind, whether it’s parenting related or not. Children welcome! For any questions, contact Kelly Niebergall at

Eid Al-Fitr Celebrations Video Template | PosterMyWall

Eid al-Fitr begins May 12

For Muslims around the world, this “Festival of Breaking the Fast” will mark the end of Ramadan. Eid al-Fitr is a celebrations filled with feasting, gifts, charity, prayer, and giving thanks for all they have in their lives.

You can learn more about this celebration here and here.

Free Chalice Clipart, Download Free Chalice Clipart png images, Free ClipArts on Clipart Library

May 12 is UUA Founding Day!!!

On May 12, 1961, Unitarians and Universalists made it official, joining these two faiths into the one we hold dear to hearts today–Unitarian Universalism! You can read John Cummins’ “A History Lesson” or perhaps revisit Rev. Nica’s sermon from April on the joining of these two faiths.

On May 12, take a moment to light your chalice and read the words below…

UU Heritage Chalice Lighting

By Elizabeth M Strong

Our Unitarian heritage bids us light our chalice
In the name of freedom,
In the light of reason,
In actions of tolerance.
We gather in community to celebrate a heritage of freedom, reason, and tolerance.

Our Universalist heritage bids us light our chalice
In the name of faith,
In the light of hope,
In actions of love.
We gather in community to celebrate a heritage of faith, hope, and love.

Let us bring this Unitarian Universalist heritage into our world and our lives today.

Our mission: Religious Education empowers children and youth and supports families with tools to create a world of justice and compassion.

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