Rev. Nica Eaton-Guinn

What Kind of Ancestor Do you Want to Be?

Sunday Service at 10 AM
in person (3327 Old Conejo Road, Newbury Park)
or via Zoom
To celebrate All Souls, All Saints, Dia de Los Muertos, Samhain and Halloween, today we deepen our relationship with our ancestors. We ask how you want to be remembered? What kind of ancestor do you want to be? Join us for our annual tradition in which we share photos of our deceased loved ones and other ancestors we wish to honor. Rev Nica, Sam Dickerson and Anahi Quiroz will lead this special service.
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Navigating Change

This week Rev. Nica has returned from dropping her son off at college, and her summer break. Families are returning from summer vacations and sending kids back to school. It’s a time of big transitions for all. We will bless the backpacks we use in returning to our work and school lives and hold a … Continued

Finding your Place

“There is something in every one of you that waits and listens for the sound of the genuine in yourself. It is the only true guide you will ever have. And if you cannot hear it, you will all of your life spend your days on the ends of strings that somebody else pulls.” Howard Thurman. The Rev. Kikanza Nuri-Robins helps people and organizations that are in transition — or ought to be. As a community minister, she works as an organization development consultant based in Los Angeles. She spends her discretionary time playing with color and textiles in her studio.

Intention… Spiritual Growth

What does it mean to have an intention of spiritual growth? In fact, what does spiritual growth really mean? Join Rev. Nica today to delve deeply into what Unitarian Universalist spiritual growth involves.

Deepening Relationship to our Ancestors

To celebrate All Souls, All Saints, Dia de Los Muertos and Samhain, today we deepen our relationship with our ancestors. Join us for our annual tradition in which we share photos of our deceased loved ones and other ancestors we wish to honor. Anahi Quiroz will share wisdom from her culture and join Rev Nica … Continued

What to Eat? Cultivating Right Relationship with our Food

We all eat to survive. Yet, what we eat might actually be killing us. How we eat can be influenced by our culture, our religious beliefs, our health needs, our upbringing or our preferences. But how many of us consciously choose what we eat to maximize our health and well-being, as well as our planet’s … Continued

Cultivating Relationship

Humans are relational creatures, yet relationships can often be complicated. They challenge us to evolve and understand our triggers. How do we best nurture our relationships with partners, family, friends and community? Today we explore one of our most important needs as humans and how we might cultivate and tend our individual and collective relationships.

Saying Yes to Life! (in spite of everything)

Life can feel incredibly tough at times, especially these days. How do we continue to find the good in life, when there is so much suffering? Today we explore the coping mechanisms an extraordinary man, Viktor Frankl, found. Despite staring death in the face in a Nazi concentration camp and dealing with many other hardships, … Continued

Embracing Possibility ~ Ingathering

Today we celebrate our annual Ingathering. Join us for a zoom/online service at 10, followed by an in-person Ingathering ritual on Chalice’s grounds at 11:30. We will plant seeds for our future, burn our old mortgage, say farewell to Jason Hall and family, and collect quarters and laundry pods for fieldworkers. Please also bring a piece of wood, no larger than your hand for a congregational art work. Rev Nica will preside over our traditional water ceremony blessing and we will be returning the items you offered our Sanctuary last year, that made our space sacred in our absence.