Rev. Nica Eaton-Guinn

Becoming Unitarian Universalism – Celebrating 60 Years

In spring of 1961, Unitarianism and Universalism merged to become one religion. Today we celebrate Unitarian Universalism’s 60th anniversary by honoring our history and seeing how we’ve evolved as one faith over the last 60 years.

Becoming Who You Are Born to Be

As we begin our month exploring the theme of ‘Becoming’, we celebrate a Unitarian Universalist interpretation of the Easter story. Jesus taught us to become who we are born to be, by fearlessly living his values and his message of love. How can we become all we are born to be? Today’s service will be broadcast from our Sanctuary.

Put it in Writing

Today’s service is inspired by the writing on the walls of our sanctuary. It’s been a whole year since we’ve seen those words in person, but the words are still there, holding our space. What does it mean that we’ve put those words in writing? Does writing down our intentions, values and mission deepen our commitment to them? Join us in exploring the power of the written word.

Solidarity and Racial Justice: How do we stand together if we are not all together?

The last year brought multiple, ongoing crises to the forefront of our minds. Health inequities in the face of a global pandemic. Police violence against Black people. The spread of massive conspiracy theories leading to a white supremacist, anti-democratic insurrection. Calls to stand in solidarity for racial justice have been loud and clear. How do … Continued

60 Years of Spiritual Courage

Reverend Mark Morrisson-Reed writes: “The religious community is essential, for alone our vision is too narrow to see all that must be seen, and our strength too limited to do all that must be done. Together, our vision widens and our strength is renewed.” The 2021-22 church year will mark Chalice’s 60th Anniversary. Join us … Continued

Good Enough Parenting

Parenting is a great privilege but also hard during the best of times. Most parents strive to be the best possible parents. But when they face the challenges of a pandemic, working from home, while schooling and caring for their children, it creates a whole new layer of stress and demands. Today we look at what it means to be a good enough parent and celebrate our dedicated parents.

Side With Love

For the last month the Unitarian Universalist Association has been celebrating 30 Days of Love. Today we join with the Side with Love movement in a shared worship service honoring the culmination of these 30 Days of Love.

Becoming Beloved Community

Although the term ‘Beloved Community’ was originally coined by philosopher/theologian Josiah Royce, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King used it to paint a picture of the world he dreamed of…. a society based on justice, equal opportunity and love. Today we explore how we might become Beloved Community, both as a congregation and world. What will it take for us to live into this dream?

Imagining A New Tomorrow

Too much of our thinking is limited by past and present experience. What if instead we envisioned the beautiful world our hearts know is possible, and work towards that future vision? Join us this Sunday as we use the power of imagination to envision a future that is sustainable, equitable and caring for all

Exploring Non-Violent Action

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and Congressman John Lewis were staunch advocates of a non-violent revolution. Today, on this Sunday celebrating Martin Luther King Day, we explore what non-violent action means, and the many ways we might engage it to make our world more racially equitable and just.