Rev. Nica Eaton-Guinn

Listening for the Truth

Sunday Service at 10 AM
In the midst of all the noise in our world, social media hype, conspiracy theories, fake news and lies, how do we discern what’s true? Does truth even exist? Today we explore the spiritual practice of listening for the truth.
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Forgiveness – A Gift of Renewal

Today at sunset, the Jewish Holiday of Yom Kippur, or the day of atonement, begins. It is a time to forgive and be forgiven. But what if forgiveness doesn’t just redeem another, but also marks the renewal of life for the forgiver? Forgiveness is one of the most powerful offerings we can make in life. Today we explore how forgiveness can give us the gift of renewing our own lives.

Renewing Our Faith

In June 2020, the UUA’s Commission on Institutional Change released a report suggesting ways in which we can remake our faith to live into the essential promises and ideals of Unitarian Universalism. Our Chalice Board of Trustees will be studying their report “Widening the Circle of Concern” throughout this year. Today we begin exploring some of themes and recommendations for systemic change to renew our journey in creating an equitable world.

Ingathering – Tending the Spark of Hope

Normally Ingathering marks the time when we all come together again after our summers, to celebrate our community and renew our commitment to each other and our faith. Today, though we continue to be physically distant due to Covid 19, we gather from near and far to renew our connections to Chalice and one another. During today’s Zoom service we will invite you to share a wish or blessing for Chalice which we will post in our Sanctuary. After today’s service, you are invited to a drive-by ritual in which you may bring a sacred object to Reverend Nica and our Worship Team to leave on our Sanctuary altar until we meet again in person. In these ways, your intention, blessing and commitment will be held in our Sanctuary until we are together again physically. And you will have renewed our community.

It Takes a Village

We at Chalice are like one big village. We support one another from birth through death, going through life’s ups and downs together. Today, we celebrate all the many volunteers that make our community thrive. Chalice could not exist without all of you. If you are involved in any activity at Chalice, please come this Sunday to be honored and celebrated. It takes a village to build and maintain a wonderful community like this.

When Will this End? Strategies for the Long Haul.

In March, we were told this lockdown would likely last 2 – 3 weeks. Here we are at the end of August, with the pandemic still raging and our lives continuing to be socially distanced. If this new way of living continues for a while longer, what strategies could we embrace to make it through as individuals and a community? Join us to explore strategies for the long haul.

Animal Blessing

Today we will be blessing the animals in our lives. Please have them present with you in service, or bring their photo, if you would like to have them blessed.  Please bring photos of any beloved animals who have passed and whom you wish to memorialize. We look forward to celebrating the difference animals make in our lives.

Staying Hopeful

Czech dissident and President, Vaclav Havel, wrote in “The Power of the Powerless”  that: “Hope is not a prognostication – it’s an orientation of the spirit….” How do we orient our spirit towards hope when there is so much in our world right now that feels hopeless and scary? What resources do we need to draw on to orient our spirit towards hope? In this service, Rev Nica will explore how to turn our internal compass in the direction of hope.

Inspirations from Our Wider Faith

Several members of Chalice attended our annual General Assembly virtually this year. Join us to hear stories and impressions from this first ever completely virtual GA.

Honoring Compassionate Fathers

This Father’s Day we honor the men in our lives who value compassion in their parenting, work and lives. For so long society has praised power and strength in men as opposed to compassion and kindness. Join Reverend Nica, and Chalice members Matt Petras, Raul Ballesteros and Tim Snowber to celebrate the power of being a compassionate man.