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Beloved Conversations

Rev. Nica Eaton-Guinn

One Service at 10:00am only 
Conscious conversations around race and the role it plays in our society are vital especially these days. Issues of race confront us in our politics, our daily lives and in this country’s history since its founding. This past spring 14 members of our congregation participated in a program called “Beloved Conversations” to gain greater consciousness around the role race plays in our lives. Join us as we share our spiritual realizations why it is so important to be more mindful of race.

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When I think about giving generously to this church, I think of two distinct aspects of giving which together complete my thoughts and feelings on my financial role at CVUUF.  First, I am aware of my responsibility to give, and second, the actual act of giving is important to me.  So, I will briefly share my thoughts on both.
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