Universe-ALL? Ultra-Universalism and Today

Sunday Service at 10 AM
in person (3331 Old Conejo Road, Newbury Park. View the streamed service in community)
via Zoom
Ultra-Universalism is one of our historical beliefs as UUs, but not without complication. Today, we look at what it means, and how we might apply it to modern Unitarian Universalism. Join one of our fellow congregations online with Rev. KC Marie Pandell at Summit UU Fellowship in Santee, CA for this special service or join us to watch the service together online in Chalice’s Fellowship Hall.
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You are Not Alone – Bring a Friend to Chalice Sunday (and Pancake Breakfast)

Today we ask you to come to Chalice with a friend. Invite someone who might appreciate being part of a conscious, loving spiritual community, who might benefit from the gifts of our Fellowship. Help others know they are not alone in this often challenging life, and that there is a compassionate, justice seeking community that cares, right here in the Conejo Valley. After service we invite your friends to be our guests at our Pancake breakfast, prepared by our families. Let’s show how welcoming we can be and what we offer the world.

Exploring Chalice’s Past, Present and Future

Chalice, like many times in its past, is at the threshold of a new future. We are considering moving to a new location with more space to grow, outside space and better visibility. A potential move can be exciting for some while bringing up anxiety and fears around change for others. Join us today to learn more about how Chalice has managed transitions in the past, and is envisioning an engaging, relevant religious community for the future.


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