Beloved Conversations

Beloved Conversations newly recreated as BC Virtual just completed its first session. Hear from our Beloveds as they share the joys, challenges, and surprises encountered in deepening connections, opening eyes and hearts, while embodying racial justice as a part of their own spiritual practice.

Side With Love

For the last month the Unitarian Universalist Association has been celebrating 30 Days of Love. Today we join with the Side with Love movement in a shared worship service honoring the culmination of these 30 Days of Love.

Becoming Beloved Community

Although the term ‘Beloved Community’ was originally coined by philosopher/theologian Josiah Royce, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King used it to paint a picture of the world he dreamed of…. a society based on justice, equal opportunity and love. Today we explore how we might become Beloved Community, both as a congregation and world. What will it take for us to live into this dream?


WorshipCast by CCS