Black Lives Do Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement came to national prominence in 2016. While the phrase is used as a rallying cry for those working for change in our society, it can also be looked at from a more personal perspective. Worship Associate Ayanna Gaines examines what happens when someone forgets that their own minority racial identity matters. If Black Lives don’t Matter, then what of the lives of those living them?

Animal Blessing

Today we will be blessing the animals in our lives. Please have them present with you in service, or bring their photo, if you would like to have them blessed.  Please bring photos of any beloved animals who have passed and whom you wish to memorialize. We look forward to celebrating the difference animals make in our lives.

Staying Hopeful

Czech dissident and President, Vaclav Havel, wrote in “The Power of the Powerless”  that: “Hope is not a prognostication – it’s an orientation of the spirit….” How do we orient our spirit towards hope when there is so much in our world right now that feels hopeless and scary? What resources do we need to draw on to orient our spirit towards hope? In this service, Rev Nica will explore how to turn our internal compass in the direction of hope.


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