Jazz Basketball and Other Keys to Happiness

One Service at 10 am ONLY 
Jazz basketball is a term from author, activist, and basketball great Kareem Abdul Jabbar and it refers to the creative interplay of the individual player and the team, like a soloist in a jazz ensemble. It is one more way of understanding what it means to live a whole and happy life in balance with Nature, the Universe, the Tao, or Way, as the Taoists call it. Finding harmony of ego and the greater self and our community is the challenge and the opportunity this life gives us.

How do you love?

One Service Only Service at 10:00 am
If the main way we can change the world is by opening our hearts to one another and loving more, how do you do that? How does your unique call to bring more love to this world express itself? Can we bring more love to our families and friends, to our community and those we don’t know? How might we love those who are difficult to love? Join us to explore how Unitarian Universalism calls each of us to grow and express our love, so we may help heal the world.

The Spiritual Sweet Spot

Service at 10:00am only 
This week, Rev. Nica returns from her study leave and summer break. Today she shares the fruits of her reflections and insights with us. Join us for our minister’s musings.


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