The Call and Response-ability

Vocation comes from the Latin word for “call,” and it is deeply rooted in Jewish and Christian tradition. Originally meaning an occupation to which one is well-suited, especially a religious one, it has morphed into the idea of any work that is purpose driven. But notice that calling implies the relationship of a listener and a voice. In mindfulness tradition and practice, when we pay attention to what lies beyond our own ego, we become aware of the interdependent world we live in and the suffering surrounds us. Listening to the call we respond with compassion.

Listening for the Truth

Sunday Service at 10 AM
In the midst of all the noise in our world, social media hype, conspiracy theories, fake news and lies, how do we discern what’s true? Does truth even exist? Today we explore the spiritual practice of listening for the truth.
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Listening to Unheard Voices

Throughout history, African American women’s voices have been powerful and wise, but often sidelined, suppressed or ignored. Today we listen more deeply to voices that are less often heard in our society. Rev Nica and Ayanna Gaines will be highlighting a UU Women’s Federation award winning sermon by Marta Varee Pearson and exploring the reasons we need to listen to unheard voices. Join us for an inspiring service, celebrating the wisdom and brilliance of African American women’s voices throughout history.


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