Chalice has a long, beautiful musical tradition. Music plays a special, meaningful role in the worship experience here.

Music as Ministry: Music is a central part of the ministry at Chalice. The music committee is open to anyone in the Fellowship who wants to become involved in the planning of the music for Sunday worship services.  The program nurtures the congregation by allowing members an opportunity to give back to the fellowship through performance.  It also provides a rich musical experience for those attending Sunday services. Many members offer that music is a reason that they attend worship.

Adult Choir: Chalice Adult Choir consists of 20-25 members who sing twice a month at both the 9:15 and 11:00 services.  The all-volunteer choir enjoys singing a variety of musical styles while maintaining a high musical standard. Choir is more than just a choral group.  It serves as a community among the members. Many consider the choir to be the reason that they joined Chalice, and an important reason why they stay.

Children and Youth Choir: Our Children and Youth performance troupe, the TrUUbadours, performs once a month and is beloved by Chalice. The youth of the congregation sing pieces ranging from pop, to folk, to traditional choral.

Solo Opportunities: Chalice UU is a place where singers and musicians who love to perform may do so as part of the Sunday morning worship services.  Please contact the music committee at if you are interested in singing or playing a piece at worship.

Soulstice: For many years, Chalice has been enriched by the folk band Soulstice.  This ensemble is led by Merlin Snider, and never disappoints.  The group often debuts songs that they have been writing together, and the themes always explore topics that are central to the sources of our faith.