Donate or make a payment to the Chalice UU Fellowship using any of the following methods:

  • PayPal

    Type of donation

  • Automatic Withdrawal
    Automatic Withdrawal is performed using ACH. You can contact the Pledge Secretary ( for details.
  • Breeze Online (for members)
    Donations may be made through Breeze ( You will need a Chalice Breeze login (all members have a login). Payments may be credit/debit card or ACH from your bank or credit union.
  • Cash
    When donating by cash please use an envelope indicating your name and the purpose of the donation (eg. “John Brown Pledge”). Cash donations may be made by dropping the envelope in the basket during service or by dropping in the grey box just outside of the office in Fellowship Hall.
  • Check
    If donating by check please make the check payable to “Chalice” with a memo indicating the purpose (eg. “Pledge”) and either drop in the basket or box outside of the office in Fellowship Hall.
    If mailing, send to address:  Chalice
    3331 Old Conejo Road
    Newbury Park, CA 91320-2115
  • “Text to Give”
    Donations may be made by text messaging. To do so text “Give” to (805) 429-1515.
    The donation will be marked as a “Pledge” donation unless the amount is followed by one of the following keywords without the quotes (case insensitive):

    • “Pledge” : for the current pledge year
    • “Auction” : for the recent auction
    • “CF” : for Community forums
    • “Plate” : general donation
    • “Capital” : for the capital campaign
    • “Special” : for special collections
    • “Minister” : for the Minister’s Discretionary fund
    • “CDP” : Camp deBenneville Pines
    • “Campout” : Campout
    • “Other” : unspecified fund
  • Credit/Debit Cards
    If you are a member please use “Breeze Online” or “Text to Give”  above.
  • Stocks/Securities
    If wishing to donate stocks or securities please contact the Chalice Treasurer at for details when ready to transfer the stocks or securities.