Our pledges are increasing, our membership growing, why do we need to do a capital campaign?

Because we can’t keep putting it off, we have been spending $39K per year more than we are bringing in.  We have less than 3 years before we will have to make cuts that will affect every member of the congregation.  Also more than half our members identified mortgage reduction as a key priority in the 2017 congregational survey.

How are we going to spend the money for the Capital Campaign?

We will pay off the mortgage for Fellowship Hall and pay back the deferred rent on the Sanctuary.

If the Capital Campaign is successful, what will happen?

CVUUF will be in the black!! We will be bringing in more than we spend (This has only happened once in the last ten years!).  Importantly, we will be able to turn our attention from mere survival to our important work of nurturing spiritually courageous people who transform the world through justice and compassion.

When is all this happening??

The targeted date to kick off the Capital Campaign is APRIL 8!!