Podcast: Chalice Sermons

Anchoring Ourselves in Times of Change

As Unitarian Universalists, we are fortunate to be able to draw from a wide range of sources to guide us on how best to deal with life’s challenges. What does our pluralist approach teach us about anchoring ourselves in times of change and challenge? Join us to explore wisdom about resilience from various traditions that can help us steady during tumultuous times.

Beyond Cookbooks & Flowers: Why Mother’s Day Matters More Than Ever in this Election Year

Every day women in America created Mother’s Day not simply to honor women, but to unify and empower women to make social justice change. Let’s step back in time together to revisit the origins of Mother’s Day to remember how unstoppable we can be when united behind our determination to create a just and loving world. Along the journey, Grenda will share about her experience going to the Women’s March on Washington and offer a call to action and share ways to make our voices matter in this election year. After services, we will gather in fellowship hall for a light meal steeped in suffragette history!

We Need One Another

Our community is a precious gift. As we embark on another election year, we explore how we can better support one another through times of trauma, conflict and stress. We also honor our hospitality volunteers who provide our coffee, snacks and run Feeding Hands. Join us to discover tools for resilience and interdependence.

Reflections from General Assembly

Today Rev. Nica shares reflections on this year’s Unitarian Universalist General Assembly that took place in Pittsburgh last week. What trends, learnings, and messages did she glean from our wider faith’s gathering? She is excited to share her takeaways with you.

Decolonizing Thanksgiving – A Virtual Worship Service


In recent years, UUs have made a commitment to reconsider the cultural and colonial foundations of the Thanksgiving tradition, in counsel and relationship with First Nations and Indigenous communities. This virtual worship service is intentionally crafted by centering Indigenous people and cultures, and is an … read more.

Transforming Through Gratitude (Thanksgiving Service)

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Thanksgiving reminds us each year to give thanks for our lives and our families. But what if we embraced gratitude as a year around practice? We might find that gratitude in good times and bad can transform … read more.

Change the World with Love

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Whatever happens in our elections, there will be change afoot. Life continuously presents us with challenge and change, whether that’s aging, our politics, or even the upcoming changes around our Sanctuary. Today we explore trusting that we … read more.