Starting Point Journey Circle
Starting Point is a three-session journey towards a better understanding of Chalice, Unitarian Universalism and small group ministry through Chalice Circles. It will deepen everyone’s spiritual journey, creating a web of interconnection in our fellowship. Our hope is that it will help newer people deepen their spiritual engagement at Chalice and with small groups.
The first session focuses on newcomers’ personal spiritual journeys and how it led them to Unitarian Universalism. The second session shifts to the historical journey of Unitarian Universalism and the Chalice congregation. From there, the third session moves into the shared journey of how newcomers and the congregation will walk together.
Please email for more information.
You may also request a private meeting with Rev. Nica if you’d like to discuss any aspects of membership further.


 Starting Point Journey Circle 
For Newcomers to Chalice

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Upcoming Starting Point sessions:

  • Wednesday, 9/13 6-8 pm Session 1 will explore our personal spiritual journeys.
  • Sunday, 9/24 12-2 pm– Session 2 will examine UU and Chalice’s history.
  • Sunday, 10/22 12-2 pm – Session 3 will look at our UU Theological journey.

In our Fellowship Hall (in Newbury Park)

Are you new to UUism, or have you been here a while and would like to deepen your Chalice connections and UU understanding? If so, we invite you to join our UU journey program called ‘Starting Point’. This gathering is a hybrid between Chalice Circles and our Membership class. It will be a three session group. It is aimed at visitors, as well as long-time members. The idea is to deepen everyone’s spiritual journey and connect new and old with one another, creating a web of interconnection in our Fellowship. An additional hope is to help newer people deepen their spiritual engagement at Chalice and with small groups.
All are welcome to this class by prior registration, although preference will be given to newcomers. A commitment to all three sessions is requested.
    • Session 1 explores our personal spiritual journeys.  
    • Session 2 examines UU and Chalice’s history. m
    • Session 3 looks at our UU Theological journey. 
Please let us know if you’d like to join us by emailing
  It will be fun, we promise!