• Order of Service 6.9.24


    Onsite and Online ~  10 am 

    Reverend Nica Eaton 

    This I Remember…

    Today, we renew our commitment to each other and our community. We hear inspiring stories from long time members who share tales from their years at Chalice. Join us for these stories of our history, as we prepare for our next chapter. We’ll also be celebrating our newest Chalice members in today’s service!

    Month Theme – The Story Goes On…

    Introduction – Matt Chapa

    Welcome – Reverend Nica Eaton

    Call to Worship – Reverend Nica Eaton

    Chalice Lighting – Matt Chapa

    Opening Hymn – #1017 “Building a New Way”

    New Member Ceremony – Reverend Nica Eaton & President Annie Barker

    Welcoming New Members: 

    • David Campbell
    • Bethany Simonsen
    • Erica Gardner Schuster
    • Wayne Ayres

    Hymn – #402 “From You I Receive” 2x

    Manna Collection Reverend Nica Eaton

    Announcements – Matt Chapa

    Singing the Children Out – Anthony Concepcion & Reverend Nica Eaton

    Offering Words – Matt Chapa

    Offering Music Like a River in My Soul” Traditional Spiritual, arr. Tim Osiek, edit. Dan Forrest – Chalice Choir

    Receiving the Offering Reverend Nica Eaton

    Joys and Sorrows – You may write your Joys and Sorrows in the chatbox during the service if you are online. If you are in person please fill out an index card. You can also email your joys or concerns during the week to 


    Time of Meditation – Reverend Nica Eaton

    Meditation Song – #123 “Spirit of Life”

    Reflections “This I Remember”   with special speakers

    • Jo Ann Van Reenan
    • Video from Floyd Martin
    • Thelma Williams

    As well as opening and concluding words by Reverend Nica Eaton

    Closing Hymn – #1028 “Fire of Commitment”

    Extinguishing the Chalice – Matt Chapa

    Closing Words Reverend Nica Eaton

    Postlude – Anthony Concepcion

    Reminder:  Please stay after service (or remain online) for our congregational meeting at 11:30. If you are onsite, coffee will be served in our new lounge!



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