Speaker: Reverend Nica Eaton

The Game of Transformation

Sunday Service at 10 AM
in person (3327 Old Conejo Road, Newbury Park)
or via Zoom
What if our life’s purpose is to transform? Last summer, Rev. Nica participated in a life changing experiment called “The Game of Transformation” at Findhorn in Scotland. Today she shares the lessons from this game and experiencing life as a journey of transformation. Join us for this mystical journey of transformation.
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The Future We Choose

Join us this week as we explore our stewardship of the Earth and how we might approach the current climate crisis with commitment and optimism.

Love at the Center

Theologian Richard Rohr writes: “Don’t start by trying to love God, or even people; love elements and rocks first, move to trees, then animals, and then humans. …. It works. In fact, it might be the only way to love, because how we do anything is how we do everything. In the end, either we love everything or there is reason to doubt that we love anything.” Join us in exploring what it means to put love at the center of our lives and faith.

Love in Action

Today, we honor Dr. King, who echoed the timeless cry of countless spiritual warriors: Love not in passive yearning, but in fierce non-violent resolve. Like Gandhi’s Satyagraha, like the Buddha’s Ahimsa, non-violence is love in action, fighting against injustice with compassion. Let us open our hearts, join hands, and work for peace by putting love at the center.

A Christmas Mystery – Christmas Eve Service

Tonight’s beautiful family service filled with Christmas joy and music, explores the mystery of Christmas. How did this story of hope and possibility come to be? What are the key messages we learn from this mysterious birth story. Come celebrate Christmas Eve, Unitarian Universalist style, with plenty of holiday cheer, mystery, as well as cookies, cocoa and eggnog after the service. Rumor has it that we may receive a visit from Santa himself, as he flies through the Conejo Valley.

There’s so much we don’t know – Embracing Mystery

All the world’s religions and philosophies try to explain the meaning of life. Science tries to uncover truth. But ultimately we don’t really know the answers to why we are here, whether there is a God or not, and what happens to us when we die. So today, we wholeheartedly embrace the mystery of this existence, exploring how to live when we don’t know the answers to the most fundamental questions of life.

Generous to Our Earth

This Thanksgiving, let us gather to celebrate the abundance of our Earth and to reflect on our role as stewards of this planet. What does it mean for us to give back to our earth? Join us for our annual harvest bread ceremony, celebrating the plentiful gifts earth provides, and exploring how we might be generous in return.

Generous with our Faith – New Member Service with Pancake Breakfast to follow

UUs are often shy to share Unitarian Universalism with others, lest we proselytize. However, on this New Member Sunday, we witness how many newcomers are excited by what we have to offer and how important it was for them to discover Unitarian Universalism. Today we’ll talk about how we might be generous with our faith, so we don’t keep this beautiful gift to ourselves.

Generosity and our new UU values

In June 2023, UUs voted to include Generosity as a core UU value. 7 values were chosen out of a huge possible list. Today we explore why Generosity is a fundamental UU value and how practicing it can be an opportunity for spiritual growth.