FAQs- Pledging

What is a pledge?

A pledge is a promise to give a certain amount of money to the congregation within the congregational year. Every year congregants and friends make a pledge commitment.  This allows the leadership to plan a budget.

What is the congregational year?

Our congregational pledge year begins on July 1 and ends on June 30 of the following calendar year.

How does the congregation use my pledge?

All pledges support our mission and are the basis of the annual budget. Pledges fund worship and music, religious education, social justice projects, pastoral care, community events, and more. Pledge income pays for the salaries of our minister and staff and for the operation and maintenance of our facilities. When you pledge, we can set up a realistic operating budget. We send written acknowledgement of contributions (quarterly statements) to all those who pledge.

How much should I pledge?

Our UUA Pledge Distribution may help you decide on your pledge amount.

What are my payment options?

  • Automatic transfers from your bank.  Ask the office to set up automatic withdrawal from your bank account. Fill out a pledge card with the bank routing number and account number and send it to the office administrator.
  • Check(s).  Write a check made out to Chalice and either
    • Mail the check to the congregational office at 3331 Old Conejo Road, Newbury Park, CA 91320-2115. Write the pledge year on the memo line, e.g. “pledge 2017-2018”.
    • Drop the check in the offering basket at Sunday services. Write the pledge year on the memo line, e.g. “pledge 2017-2018”.
  • Credit Card. There are 2 options
    • Set up your own pledge and credit card or debit card payments using our online giving portal through PayPal. You will be able to keep an eye on your payments and update your own credit card information without contacting the church office.
    • Or contact the office administrator with your information: Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, Security Code, Your Name as it appears on the card, Total dollar amount of pledge, and frequency of installment payments. And if you’ve moved since last year please let us know as your credit card is tied to your address.
  • Stocks/Securities.  Make a transfer of securities. Complete the Stock Donation Form. Contact our congregational administrator for help.

Please Note: In-kind donations, such as items donated for fundraisers (such as an auction or rummage sale), do not count toward your pledge.

May I earmark a pledge for a specific purpose?

No, because pledge income provides a predictable source of income to cover general operating expenses. However, special gifts may be restricted with approval from of the board based on our Restricted Gifts Policy.

Do only members pledge?

Anyone can make an annual pledge, member or not. Those who pledge, but have not yet chosen to become members, are known as friends of the congregation.

Do members always pledge?

Yes. Financial support is one of the responsibilities of membership. We ask you to seriously consider the idea of giving 5% of their income to support our mission. For many, 5% is not a problem and some easily reach or surpass this level of commitment. For others, such a goal is difficult. If so, we ask you to start your first pledge at 3% and increase that amount each year until 5% is comfortably reached. If you can afford to pledge more than 5%, you will help others who are unable to do so. If you have financial problems and cannot pledge, please get a waiver from our minister Rev. Nica.

When should I pledge?

New members pledge when they join. Every Spring we have a Stewardship Campaign, enabling members to renew their membership and pledge.

Will you send me a statement?

Yes. Regardless of how you pay your pledge, we send a quarterly statement explaining what you have paid so far.

When do I pay my pledge?

At your convenience between July 1 and June 30 of the following calendar year. We urge you to use automatic payment.

Can I change my pledge?

Yes. Fill out another pledge card and return it in at the office, or go to Make Pledge Online. You can always ask the congregational administrator or the stewardship team for help.

How does the pledge relate to the basket collection during Sunday services?

Many members pay their pledges online, however some congregants pay their pledges by putting checks in the Sunday collection plate. Once per month, additional donations are collected at our Sunday collection for social justice and outreach groups. If you drop your pledge check in the basket, be sure to make it out to Chalice and write the pledge year on the memo line (e.g. “pledge 2017-2018”).