Are you stumped on what you want to donate?


Here is a list of some fun possibilities, but we are grateful and appreciate every item donated. We couldn’t do all of the wonderful things we do at Chalice without your support. Thank you!


  • A progressive (themed or not) dinner – could be offered by 3 different people together.  Appetizers and an aperitif at one house, Main Course at another, Dessert and coffee/tea at another.  Perhaps for 8- 10 people – $40-75 fixed price per person
  • Lesson on how to knit, crochet, embroider – either on Zoom or in person for 6 (or more) people —$10 fixed price per person
  • Backyard Barbeque for 8 people under the stars $40-60 fixed price
  • Special Baked Goods – Breads Cakes, Pies, 2-3 dozen special cookies Fixed price  (depending on the item)  per item
  • Skill related class – Zoom or in person, flower arranging, card making, terrarium building, bead jewelry, glass making, mosaics, for whatever number of people makes sense  fixed price per person
  • Lead a hike at Sapwi Community Trails park in Thousand Oaks  or Point Mugu Park and then invite the hikers for appetizers  and beverages at your home  however many you could accommodate  fixed price per person
  • Petting sitting for the winner’s  dog/cat/bird/aardvark for two days (or three days or whatever you decide) so they can take a well deserved little outing away from home when Covid has calmed down. Could be that you stay at the person’s house or promise to come in twice a day and feed, exercise, or whatever for their pet  
  • A series of Lessons in sign language, or some other specialized skill on Zoom $30-60(or more) depending on how many lessons and for what – for as many people as you think you can teach fixed price per person
  • An party of fancy  Hor’s d’oevres and wine at your home for some number of people $30-(or more) fixed price per person 
  • Offer to provide fancy Hor’s d’oevres and wine for a party at someone’s home for a group of their choice up to 8 or 10 people
  • Basket of items for afternoon tea2 loose teas, fancy cups, sweets to go with tea, clotted cream etc.
  • Basket of fancy breakfast things, pancake mix, syrup, jam, scone mix, for example 
  • Basket of water color art supplies, pad of water color paper, tubes of water colors, brushes, sketching pencils, palette, for examples  
  • Basket of materials for an herb garden, pots, potting soil, plants or seeds, miniature tools for example
  • Offer to take a group of three people on a wine tasting day in Santa Barbara County where you curate the trip and take them to 3-4 wineries and be the driver  $60(or more) fixed price per person – or-to be auctioned if for a group of 3-4 people  who come together.
  • Series of Zoom lessons on baking sourdough bread – perhaps 4 sessions over a period of 8 weeks   for8 – 10 people $25 fixed price per person
  • Cheese tasting with beverages and explanation of the cheeses for 6-10 people  at your home or someone else’s home  $30  fixed price per person
  • Box Set of six bottles of red wine curated for different kinds of meals  (with explanations as to why they were chosen  (or white wine – or sparkling wine – or rose wine)
  • Texas hold ’em night with snacks and beverages for 4-8 people  $40 fixed price per person
  • Basket of pampering items for a lovely bath, bath salts, loofah, candle, other similar items
  • Dessert of the month for three months  (Desserts could be whatever you want them to be)  
  • Basket of homemade jams and jellies plus accessories (spoons, basket for bread)  
  • Box of six handmade greeting cards 
  • Sunday lunch for two in donors garden  

Have questions or need more information? 

Reach out to Marcy Wingard at: (805) 204-6052 or