Social Justice Updates

Gather the spirit, harvest the power.  Jim Scott’s UU hymn tells the story.  When we join our spirits together in the work of seeking justice and compassion, we are more powerful.  Our efforts are magnified greater than the sum of individuals.  We learn from one another, support each other, and celebrate together.  We become accountable to something greater than ourselves.

Upcoming Social Action opportunities that you may consider joining, include:

 April 29, Oxnard College Climate Action Now – Environmental Justice Summit, 5:30pm, check with Gordon Clint for carpooling

May 6, Economic Justice Ministry plans for a possible Habitat project, 1st Mondays, 7pm

May 7, Feeding Hands meal preparation, coordinate with Lisa Bortman a few days ahead of 1st Tuesdays

May 20, Immigration Day of Action in Sacramento with the UU Justice Ministry of California (UUJMCA) – rally, program, legislative visits.  Contact Willie Lubka if you have questions.

May 20, Racial and Cultural Justice Ministry, summer planning, 3rd Mondays, 5:30pm to 7pm

June 8, Teach-in/Act-out a 5-hour workshop on immigration at Ventura UU, flyer on our bulletin board

July 19, UU Borders Journey, meet in San Diego for trip to Tijuana with UUJMCA check

August 4-8, Turning the Tides at Camp DeBenneville – Join with the UUJMCA and other UUs to strengthen community, deepen our faith connection to justice, learn about core issues that call to our values and plan for the coming year of justice-making!

September 14, “Hunger in the Conejo Valley” to be held at the Lundgren Center of CLU.  Presenters include people from Manna, Conejo Valley School District, and Senior Concerns.

We celebrate the teamwork that brought about many recent actions including:  hosting a workshop “Imagining Liberation Together: UUJMCA & You”; Community Forums – “Stabilizing Climate Chaos” and “The Real Border Crisis”; a visit to Adelanto Immigrant Detention Center; attending a hearing of the Poor Peoples Campaign; joining with other UUs, Interfaith Witness, and Jewish Voices for Peace to peacefully welcome attendees for a C.A.I.R. event; Reproductive Rights lobbying in Sacramento; a field trip to the “Museum of Tolerance”; trips to the Border to assist with asylum refugees; time with our Muslim neighbors at the Family of Abraham Picnic; O.W.L. (Our Whole Lives, sexual education) program currently underway; Beloved Conversations (a curriculum exploring race/ethnicity in individual and congregational lives) currently underway; each monthly meal for the hungry provided by Feeding Hands; developing a list of folks interested in Climate Justice.

If you would like to join in but don’t know who to contact, please let me know.

Barbara Leighton, (acting Social Action Coordinator)

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