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In preparing for our theme of Possibility, so much of the material I have read refers to Unitarian Universalism as the faith of possibility. In the darkest of times, our UU ancestors have striven for that silver lining, knowing our brightest days are just behind that cloud. We current day UUs have learned well from those who came before. We steadfastly embrace our Little Miss Sunshine attitudes, always moving forward. We know in our hearts that we can make the difference in our faith, our society, our world. Our positivity is what encourages our possibilities.

Our Principles read like a how-to manual of how to maintain that can-do attitude. Each Principle offers a window into the world we all dream of. One of brotherly love, equality for all, and a healthy and well cared for planet. Have you read through these lately? No, I am not asking you to pull them from memory. Most of us will forget one. (I call this the Seven Dwarves Complex.) What I am asking is that you really look at these lines, listen to the words. Feel them pluck on your heart strings. Your neurons begin to fire as you consider the deeper meaning in front of you. Chances are you are thinking of how this encourages you to be a better person, to create a better community, to live a better life. What does that look like? Those feelings and images are the seeds of possibility!

Now take it one step further. What about our Sources? Have you read those lately? I recommend you take the time to treat them as we do our Principles. They inspire us to love, challenge us to go beyond our comfort zone, and remind us of the traditions we honor with our faith. For me, this is the foundation that inspires our Principles. This is heat of our chalice flame, the energy that “moves us to a renewal of spirit and an openness to the forces which create and uphold life.” Our faith asks us to be open to the possibilities of life, and life is full of possibilities! I’m ready to be open, are you?

Samantha Dickerson



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