Order of Service 10.23.22

Reverend Nica Eaton-Guinn & Tim Snowber

It Takes Courage to be UU.

What does it take to be a Unitarian Universalist? How has our history taught us about courage? Today we explore the courage required to be UU and what it takes to be willing to keep growing, changing, reinventing, and pushing society’s edges.

Welcome – Reverend Nica Eaton-Guinn

Opening Hymn – # 170 “We Are A Gentle Angry People” verses 1-3

Introduction– Tim Snowber      

Call to Worship – Reverend Nica Eaton-Guinn

Opening Hymn – # 170 “We Are A Gentle Angry People”    verses 4-6

Chalice Lighting – Tim Snowber 

Time for All Ages – Sam Dickerson, DRE

The Chuck Wagon and Offering – Tim Snowber

Offering Music – “The Storm Is Passing Over” written by Charles Albert Tindley and performed by The Chalice Choir. 

Joys and Sorrows – You may write your Joys and Sorrows in the chatbox during the service if you are online. If you are in person please fill out an index card. 

Singing Our Children Out – Reverend Nica Eaton-Guinn

Meditation – Reverend Nica Eaton-Guinn 

Meditation Song – “Courage My Friend” (call and response) 

Sermon – “It Takes Courage to be UU” – Reverend Nica Eaton-Guinn

Closing Hymn – #1020 “Woyaya”

Benediction – Reverend Nica Eaton-Guinn

Postlude – Anthony Concepcion 

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