3.24.24 Order of Service


In Person and Online ~  10 am 

Tim Snowber

Finding Our Way

We are going through liminal times. But change and upheaval are constants throughout our lives. How can we turn what could be a time of anxiety and feeling lost into a time of discovery and transformation?  Join us as we explore the journey of finding our way.

Month Theme – Transformation

Welcome – Tim Snowber

Introduction – Claudia Barton

Call to Worship – Tim Snowber

Chalice Lighting – Claudia Barton

Opening Hymn – #1017 “Building a New Way ”

Time for All Ages – “Sylvester and the Magic Pebble” written and illustrated by William Steif, read by Samantha Dickerson.

Manna Collection – Samantha Dickerson

Announcements – Claudia Barton

Singing the Children Out – Anthony Concepcion & Tim Snowber

Pledge Drive Testimonial – David Barker

Offering Music – “Lost in the Wilderness” by Stephen Schwartz


Joys and Sorrows – You may write your Joys and Sorrows in the chatbox during the service if you are online. If you are in person please fill out an index card. You can also email your joys or concerns during the week to worship@chaliceuu.org

Time of Meditation – Tim Snowber

Meditation Song – #1023  “Building Bridges”

Sermon – “Finding Our Way” by Tim Snowber

Closing Hymn – #1015 “I Know I Can”

Benediction – Tim Snowber
Extinguishing the Chalice – Claudia Barton

Closing Words – Tim Snowber

Postlude – Anthony Concepcion


We invite you to stay after service for Neighborhood Networks 

If you are here on our campus, we’ll break up into our groups and meet in the following rooms:

10 Degrees Cooler in Innovations (upstairs in Fellowship Hall)

Newbury Neighbors in Social Hall (downstairs in Fellowship Hall)

Suddenly Seymour and Eastenders in Library (upstairs in Fellowship Hall)

Wild West & Meadowood in Nest (upstairs in Fellowship Hall) 

If you are online, stay on Zoom and someone will put you into the appropriate breakout room. 

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