April’s Theme – Exploring Wholeness by Rev. Nica

My Friends,

This month we are exploring the theme of Wholeness. What does it mean to be a whole human being? How do we integrate all of who we are, our strengths and foibles, to feel fully alive and true to who we are meant to be on this earth?  This Sunday, April 7, we explore what it means to be whole rather than perfect. Next week, we toy with the fool in us all, entertaining humor, joy and laughter as key aspects of wholeness. And then we step into the Easter week. On Friday, April 19 we are offering a special evening contemplative service in honor of Good Friday and the beginning of Passover. Following that on Easter Sunday, we will enjoy our annual Flower Celebration and look at how we restore wholeness after great pain or loss. Finally, at the end of the month our extremely talented worship associates, Ayanna Gaines and Monika Ramirez Wee, will explore their experiences as women of color living, working, and worshiping in predominantly white communities. I hope you will join us for this month’s 5-part series exploring how you might live a life that is true to your whole self.

In faith, Rev. Nica


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