Chalice Sweethearts – Pamela Lopez and Randall Edwards

2021 Fellowship Sweethearts

We would like to honor two special members of Chalice for Valentines Day!

Pamela Lopez & Randall Edwards

Pamela Lopez

Thank you so much for your extraordinary leadership in our justice work for so many years now. Your passion for justice is infectious and compelling. You’ve led us through so many important initiatives over the years, but we particularly want to acknowledge your extraordinary efforts for the last year on UU the Vote. You wrote thousands of letters and texts to voters around the country to get them registered and engaged in the voting process, and you developed a team of around 30 Chalice volunteers to help you in this. And of course, you developed the fantastic Community Forum program so many years ago which you continue to tend and put so much love into. Thank you also for your relentless activism for the climate, for racial justice and reproductive rights, as well as all the connections you’ve made for Chalice in the wider Community. You live our Unitarian Universalist values in the world. We are so proud that you represent Chalice and are honored to name you one of our sweethearts this year. Now we hope you’ll take some much needed rest and restoration time.

Randall Edwards

Randall, words are not adequate to thank you for the many extraordinary ways you serve our Fellowship! Your commitment to justice and anti-racism is contagious and palpable. You lead by quiet example, with deep thought and care. Thank you for sharing your excellent organizational skills with us and for leading 3 sessions of the anti-racism program, Beloved Conversations, not to mention the countless, excellent and stimulating Community Forums you have created together with Pamela. Thank you too for being a leader of Chalice Circles. Every area of congregational life that you touch, you bring heart, care and brilliance. And, of course, thank you for sharing your beautiful voice and creative talents with us too. You make a huge difference to this congregation and we are deeply grateful for your dedicated leadership, time and hard work on our behalf.

Thank you both so much.

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