Covid Update for Chalice – Jan 5, 2022

Beloved Members and Friends of Chalice,
The Reopening Task Force, the Chalice Board, and I continue to monitor local, statewide, and national Covid numbers and issues. Ventura County is back in the Severe Transmission category during this intensive Omicron spike. 


My family was impacted by Omicron over the Christmas break, when my mother, visiting from England, was diagnosed with Covid on Christmas Eve. My brother and his family also got it. They were all vaccinated and boosted, so mercifully, had mild versions. However, Omicron is extremely transmissible and members of our Chalice community and staff are impacted. 


In order to keep our Chalice community as safe as possible, the Board, the RTF and I think it is wisest to return temporarily to online ministry, both for services and groups meeting at Chalice. We certainly know how to do this as a community! It is hard to know when you are infected with Omicron since it can be a few days before symptoms appear and you can test negative during that time. So we recommend staying away from indoor gatherings, getting your booster vaccination, and being masked whenever amongst others. The CDC is also recommending N95 or KN95 masks rather than cloth masks. If Omicron fades as quickly as it did in South Africa, we may soon be able to return to in person gathering. For now, we will keep monitoring conditions and will let you know when this changes and we are able to meet safely in person again at Chalice.


Meanwhile, do let us know how you are doing during these uncertain times. I am available to meet via zoom or phone should you wish a pastoral conversation, and so is the Pastoral Care Team. These times can be lonely and anxiety producing, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us or your Neighborhood Network.


Thank you for your ongoing understanding and support around keeping one another as safe as possible during these pandemic times. We hold you all in our hearts and care, hoping you stay safe. Meanwhile, we look forward to seeing you at upcoming dynamic online worship services and in our many groups via Zoom!


In faith and care,


Reverend Nica, the Board & the Reopening Task Force

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