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Samantha Dickerson, Director of Religious Education



A new year has begun at CVUUF, and boy did we hit the ground running! We started the month with our very first family friendly Community Forum. We had wonderful speakers, great videos, and lots of fun activities, all under the theme Love Our Oceans. This lead up to the 7th Principle TrUUp coming together for the first time on Coastal Clean Up Day, helping to bring in 46 pounds of trash from Borchard Creek.

Wow! Rev. Nica and I hosted our first Family Round Table, bringing our families together to discuss our RE program and what do we want our children’s experience to be here at CVUUF. There were so many ideas, we plan on hosting another Round Table event in the very near future.

In the classrooms we have returned to our Soul Matters curriculum. Our Lower and Upper Elementary classes are enjoying wonderful stories and activities revolving around our theme of Vision. Our Middle School class has begun the Crossing Paths curriculum. If you are familiar with Neighboring Paths and the lessons involving many other religions, Crossing Paths is the updated version, learning about various religions through the lens of our monthly themes. YRUU has begun the year with a very full group. They are doing beautiful work with their covenant, bringing some of us to tears with the thoughtful and heartfelt way they are holding each other.

The Vision for RE is evolving. The door to endless possibilities has barely cracked open and cannot be closed. For me, this theme will continue through the year, and hopefully longer. How do we continue to move this program forward, ensuring ALL children and youth are given the opportunity to explore their own spiritual journey with love and support? My friends, it’s only the beginning.

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