New Beginnings – From the Conejo Valley to Cameroon

Date(s) - Friday, August 25
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Chalice Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall, and Kitchen


Regenerative Farming and Dreams for the Future

Megan Amanda Hess, Project Manager & Event Coordinator

Felicien Fotio Manfo, Farm Manager, Traditionalist, Software Engineer

In Person* and Livestream Presentation (via Zoom)

Conejo Valley native Megan and her husband Manfo share their journey of starting a natural farm in Cameroon, in conjunction with expanding IT access throughout Africa, and how it can transform millions of lives!

Registrants for this event will receive an exclusive link to view Chasing the WADA Dream, a documentary showcasing the bigger picture of Megan and Manfo’s work, and that of others, spreading web3 technology throughout West and Central Africa for use with education, agriculture, and more.

Topics to include:

  • Regenerative farming practices
  • Preserving culture within modernization
  • Bridging IT and Agriculture
  • DIA web of Co-Ops and WADA

*In Person Event Location: 3327 Old Conejo Rd., Newbury Park, CA

Please register for the forum in advance here:


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