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Chalice Family Update

March 14, 2024

In the month of March, the Gift of Our Faith is Transformation

As I Am, The World Becomes

Sunday morning at 10am

With Special Guest Claude AnShin Thomas

Today, Claude AnShin, the guiding teacher at the Magnolia Zen Center in Florida, joins us to share his wisdom. One of the most important aspects of Buddhist teaching is the truth of interconnectedness: the truth that within me exists the entire universe, so, as I am, the world becomes. It is my responsibility to slow down, to invite more silence into my life, so that the truth of my own suffering can become more clear. When my suffering shows itself, I can stop acting in automatic, habitual, or conditioned ways. I can pause and make new choices.

Zoom ID: 209 555 249      Passcode: 2020

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Families welcome! The Joy Corner is open!
Children will be sung out partway through the service and led to their RE spaces.

March 17–

Meditation on Pi(e) – Kids will enjoy some guided mindfulness activities… and pie! A dash of rainbows and shamrocks for St. Patty’s Day, a spoonful (or two) of pie for Pi Day, and a whole lot of mindfulness to help center us. A delicious and grounding morning!

Each week we will offer book suggestions for all ages, books that celebrate diverse identities, resist stereotypes, and uplift social justice. Whether you choose to purchase the books, borrow them from a friend, or check them out from your local library, we hope you enjoy these stories featuring characters from a wide range of communities.

*Credit given to for most suggestions

We All Play by Julie Flett (ages 2-6)

The Little Mermaid by Jerry Pinkney (ages 4-9)

Fast Pitch by Nic Stone (ages 8-12)

Heavenly Tyrant by Xiran Jay Zhao (YA)

See what’s happening at Camp de Benneville Pines!

Registration opens this Saturday!

UU Elementary Summer Camp June 30-July 6 (Sam will be co-dean!)

UU Counselor-in-Training Camp June 30-July 6

UU Jr. High Summer Camp July 7-13

UU Sr. High Summer Camp July 14-20

UU Family Summer Camp July 21-27

Check out these upcoming camps!

Rainbow Family Camp – April 5-7

UU Women’s Retreat – May 3-5 (waitlisted)

Yoga and Whole Living Camp – May 17-19

LARPing Misty Mountain Wars – August 16-18

Art Camp for Grown Ups – September 5-10

Triple Berry Pi Day Pie Recipe -

Pi Day is March 14

Let’s have some tasty fun, shall we? Pi is represented by the number 3.14 and is celebrated on 3/14. This day is for anyone who enjoys the fun side of math or science, or baked pastry treats. However you come “’round” to this number, we hope you have fun doing it.

Pi Day – PBS Kids (video)

The Puzzling Potluck Pie – Kodable (video and coding activity)

First Day of Spring 2024: The Spring Equinox| The Old Farmer's Almanac

Spring begins March 19!

Spring equinox 2024: Why March 19 is one of the best stargazing nights of the year (article)

Ostara activities

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring – Storytime with The Outpost (video)

Top Social Media Statistics And Trends Of 2023 – Forbes Advisor

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Our mission: Religious Exploration empowers children and youth and supports families with tools to create a world of justice and compassion.

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