Letters of Gratitude from front-line workers

Dear Chalice Members and Friends,

Words cannot adequately express the joy and overwhelming way your signage and “Love in Action” messages have meant to our staff, doctors, nurses, administration and all who enter into the grounds of Los Robles Hospital.  The beautiful artwork, uplifting messaging, words of encouragement and outpouring of reverence for our healthcare team has been astounding. You have truly touched our hearts and made “Caring for the Caregivers” a community effort! 

 Please extend our immense gratitude and heartfelt thanks to your entire congregation and all the loving hearts & hands that took the time to make these signs amidst our grounds. You have made a difference and we are forever grateful!

 Blessings and Love abounds…

 Be Well,


On behalf of all the doctors and staff of St. John’s Hospitals in Oxnard and Camarillo, I want to thank you for the Valentine Day signs you placed at our hospital hospitals.  How very, very thoughtful of you.  We appreciated all the colorful creations, the thank you notes, the word of encouragement.  These signs mean so much to us as we get close to the one year anniversary of the Pandemic in our county.  Our slogan is “Hello Humankindness”, but we have been the recipients of your “humankindness” all week as the signs greet us as we drive up to work.  Thank you….stay safe.  (please share this thank you note with the members of your fellowship)

Sister Suzanne Soppe

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