Minister’s Message September 2019

Dear Ones,

As we celebrate our Ingathering and launch the new church and school year, we explore the theme of ‘Expectation’ this month. Expectation is a word that can make many of us uncomfortable. It conjures up what we demand from one another and from life. Expectations can be hard to meet and may establish a bar that sets people up to fail. I realize how often I have expectations that people will act in a certain way, and how often such expectations lead to disappointment. Expectations often don’t allow me to open up to and accept life as it is. Instead, they can easily set us up for disappointment. But we also know that people can rise to expectations and that setting expectations can provide an aspirational goal. Expectations of ourselves and those around us can encourage us to step it up.

So, should we have expectations of one another and our faith? Indeed, what are your expectations of Unitarian Universalism, our Fellowship and our wider community? We’ll explore that at our Ingathering service this Sunday. Join us for our annual cleansing water ceremony and an exploration of what we can expect from Unitarian Universalism.
Please note – we are returning to 2 services this Sunday at 9:15 and 11.

Then next Sunday, on September 15, after a year of discernment, discussion and voting, we will dedicate the name ‘Chalice’ to our Fellowship. Our congregation chose this special name as a more succinct way to describe who we are. As you know, the chalice is a sacred symbol in Unitarian Universalism. Join us for ONE service at 9:15 followed by a communal celebration and brunch. People have created poetry, art, and music, and we will hear many stories about the significance of the chalice to our Fellowship and faith. We invite you to bring your chalice from home that day to light it from our communal chalice during the service. And then stay to enjoy art activities and food after the service.

The following week will be focused on climate change activism, with the International Climate Strike on Friday, September 20, followed by the “Love our Planet” Community Forum on Saturday, September 21 from 12 – 2 right here at Chalice. We hope you will join us in solidarity for our earth.

And there’s so much more going on in worship, activism, and fellowship throughout September. Please read our entire News & Notes regularly each Friday, so you are in the know.

Looking forward to another beautiful, sacred year together, in which we collaborate to transform the world through justice and compassion. I’ll make that a hope rather than an expectation!


Rev Nica

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