Order of Service – 1.9.22

What I Intend to Do 

Rick Wells

Intention to Change- There are so many challenges facing us. They seem overwhelming. Something needs to change, but what can one person do? Are the answers to be found in programs like Beloved Conversations? Join us in searching for a way forward. 

Order Of Service:

Prelude- Anthony Concepcion 

Call to Worship- Rick Wells 

Welcome- Annie Barker 

Chalice Lighting- Sam Dickerson

Opening Hymn – #131  “Love Will Guide Us” 

Time for All Ages – A Rainstorm Created by Chalice – Rick Wells

Offering Words – Annie Barker 

Offering Music – Michael Jackson   “Man in the Mirror” 

Joys and Sorrows –  You may write your Joys and Sorrows in the chatbox during the service.

Time of Meditation- Rick Wells 

Meditation Song – #1011 “Return Again” 

Sermon – Intention to Change– Rick Wells 

Closing Hymn –  #1017  “Building a New Way “

Benediction – Rick Wells 

Announcements will run during the postlude 

Postlude – Anthony Concepcion

Break-out Rooms:

  1. Service Discussion and Newcomers with Reverend Nica 
  2. Check-in/How was Your Week?
  3. Social Justice- actions and discussion 
  4. 70+ Seniors 
  5. Parents 


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