Order of Service 2.5.23

In Person & Online Service – 10 am

Tim Snowber

Vulnerability: The New Superpower

Vulnerability is a popular topic lately- and the general takeaway is that weakness can be the key to strength and resilience.  How can that be?  Isn’t strength all about being strong- and likewise, weakness is about being weak?   This morning we will explore vulnerability as a spiritual concept- what does it mean?  How can it be a path of strength?  And how do we invite/make space for it to be a powerful force in our lives?

February Theme – Vulnerability

Prelude SongI Can Change by Lake Street Band; performed by Brandon Gass 

Welcome – Tim Snowber 

Introduction Grenda David

Call to Worship Tim Snowber- from Jeff Foster

Chalice Lighting Grenda David- from Rev Scott Tayler

Opening Hymn #16 Tis a Gift to Be Simple

Time For All Ages Sam Dickerson reads Firenze’s Light by Jessica Collaco

Manna Collection Sam Dickerson

Offering Words – Grenda David

Offering Music Into the Mystic, performed by Brandon and Carolyn Gass and Anthony Concepcion 

Joys and Sorrows You may write your Joys and Sorrows in the chatbox during the service if you are online. If you are in person please fill out an index card. Can email them during the week to worship@chaliceuu.org

Singing the Children Out Grenda David with Anthony Concepcion

Time of Meditation Tim Snowber 

Meditation Song #184 Be Ye Lamps

Sermon Vulnerability: The New Superpower?  Tim Snowber 

Closing Hymn #118 This Little Light of Mine

Benediction Tim Snowber

Extinguishing the Chalice – Grenda David

Announcements – Grenda David

Postlude Anthony Concepcion

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