Order of Service 3.19.23

Joshua Berg & Shane Niebergall

Passion Fatigue: There’s No Such Thing as a Ginsu Spirit

Is there danger in an overabundance of passion? Does too much passion actually degrade our ability to continue giving, acting, and even caring effectively over time? Most importantly, how might we overcome burnout to do the work that needs to be done? Let us worship together, summoning the sacred and the spiritual in an honest examination of the very real states of burnout and passion fatigue.

March Theme – Abundance 

Welcome & Introduction – Shane Niebergall

Call to Worship – Joshua Berg 

Chalice Lighting – Shane Niebergall

Opening Hymn – #1028  “Fire of Commitment”

Time For All Ages – Shane Niebergall – “So Few of Me” by Peter H. Reynolds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJ3TkZSDeXc

Manna Collection – Shane Niebergall

Offering Words – Shane Niebergall

Offering Music “Daydream” by Lovin’ Spoonful; Vocals and Keys-Anthony Concepcion, Whistler- Grant Schlaus

Joys and Sorrows – You may write your Joys and Sorrows in the chatbox during the service if you are online. If you are in person please fill out an index card. Can email them during the week to worship@chaliceuu.org

Singing the Children Out – Shane Niebergall

Time of Meditation – Joshua Berg

Meditation Song – #123 “Spirit of Life”

Sermon Passion Fatigue: There’s No Such Thing as a Ginsu Spirit”  – Joshua Berg

Closing Hymn – # 1015 “I Know I Can” 

Benediction – Joshua Berg

Extinguishing the Chalice – Shane Niebergall

Announcements – Shane Niebergall

Postlude – Anthony Concepcion



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