Order of Service 3.20.22

Merlin Snider

Faith, the Good, the Bad, and the Daily

A whole and happy life is impossible without faith, or trust, that in a world that often seems senseless, there is indeed good reason to get up in the morning and carry on. What keeps you going? When I was 14 my Dad gave me J.B. Phillips’ little book, “Your God is Too Small.” Each chapter covered a limited, and limiting, conception of God: “Resident Policeman, ” “Grand Old Man,” and so on. I understood that, whatever ultimate reality there is, it’s the image we have in our head that shapes how we move through the world, how we treat others and ourselves. In time I saw that some of the ideas and figures and movements that capture human devotion are downright frightening, such as cult leaders, nationalism, ideology, and tribalism. My personal lifelong project has been a search for a faith that encompasses everything, all people, and every culture, in a daily experience of love and wholeness

Order of Service:

March Theme – Renewing Faith

Prelude – Anthony Concepcion 

Call to Worship – Matt Chapa 

Welcome – Matt Chapa

Chalice Lighting – A Joyful Volunteer Being Chosen By Sam!

Opening Hymn – #361 Enter, Rejoice and Come In! 

Time for All Ages –Matt Chapa – Always By My Side by Jennifer Black Reinhardt 

Offering Words – Merlin Snider

Offering Music – Abide by Carrie Newcomer and Parker J. Palmer

Joys and Sorrows – – You may write your Joys and Sorrows in the chatbox during the service.

Time of Meditation & Reflection – Merlin Snider

Meditation Song – #391 Voice Still and Small 

Sermon – Faith: the Good, the Bad and the Daily – Merlin Snider

Closing Hymn – #1015 I Know I Can 

Benediction – Merlin Snider

Announcements – Matt Chapa

Postlude – Anthony Concepcion

Break-out Rooms:

  1. Service discussion & newcomers welcome
  2. Social Justice actions & discussion
  3. 70+ Seniors
  4. Parents and young adults

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