Order of Service 3.6.22

Reverend Nica Eaton-Guinn

Faith in Our Future

“We are the ones we have been waiting for,” wrote June Jordan in her “Poem for South African Women,” which she presented at the U.N. in August 1978. Today, we hear from long time members as well as younger, newer members about what inspires them about Chalice and gives them faith in our future. Join us for an inspirational service, helping us renew our faith and reminding us we are the ones we have been waiting for.

Order of Service:

March Theme – Renewing Faith

Prelude – Anthony Concepcion 

Call to Worship – Reverend Nica Eaton-Guinn

Welcome – Shane Niebergall

Chalice Lighting – Shane Niebergall

Opening Hymn – #1008 When Our Heart Is in a Holy Place

Time for All Ages – The Almond Tree – Reverend Nica Eaton-Guinn

Offering Words – David Barker

Offering Music – Always Something Sings lyrics by Ralph Waldo Emerson music by Linda Spevacek sung by Chalice Choir

Joys and Sorrows – Reverend Nica Eaton-Guinn – You may write your Joys and Sorrows in the chatbox during the service.

Time of Meditation – Reverend Nica Eaton-Guinn

Meditation Song – #123 Spirit of Life

Sermon – Faith in Our Future – Reverend Nica Eaton-Guinn with Thelma Williams, Sue Rosecrans, Floyd Martin & Danielle & Weston Dubois

Closing Hymn – # 368 Now Let Us Sing

Benediction – Reverend Nica Eaton-Guinn

Announcements – Shane Niebergall

Postlude – Anthony Concepcion

Break-out Rooms:

  1. Service discussion & newcomers welcome w Rev. Nica
  2. Social Justice actions & discussion
  3. 70+ Seniors
  4. Tech Debrief


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