Order of Service 8.21.22

Ayanna Gaines with Matthew Chapa

Tales from Camp: Lessons Learned in the Woods

DeBenneville Pines is a beautiful UU camp in the San Bernardino mountains. This summer saw the first youth camps held since the pandemic began. Ayanna Gaines had the opportunity to serve as a staff member for both elementary and high school camps, and learned many valuable lessons, which she would like to share. We continue collecting school supplies this week.

Prelude – Anthony Concepcion 

Welcome – Ayanna Gaines 

Opening Hymn – Hymn #361, “Enter, Rejoice, and Come In” verses 1 and 2

Introduction – Matt Chapa 

Hymn #361, “Enter, Rejoice, and Come In” verses 3 and 4

Call to Worship and Chalice Lighting- Ayanna Gaines 

Hymn #361, “Enter, Rejoice, and Come In” verse 5

Time for All Ages – “A Bad Case of Stripes” by David Shannon and read by  Sam Dickerson 

Offering Words – Matt Chapa 

Offering Music – “Fireflies” by Owl City 

Joys and Sorrows – You may write your Joys and Sorrows in the chatbox during the service if you are online. If you are in person please fill out an index card. 

Singing Our Children Out – Anthony Concepcion

Time of Meditation – Ayanna Gaines 

Meditation Song – Hymn #1009 “Meditation on Breathing”

Sermon – Tales From Camp – Ayanna Gaines 

Closing Hymn – Hymn #100, “I’ve Got Peace Like a River” 

Benediction – Ayanna Gaines 

Announcements – Matt Chapa 

Postlude – Anthony Concepcion

Break-out Rooms:

  1. Service Discussion and Newcomers 
  2. 70+ Seniors 

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