I will fulfill, to the best of my ability and judgment, this covenant:

  • I will not intentionally make public any image taken during a Fellowship event against the wishes of any person who can be identified in the image, nor against the wishes of any parents or guardians of any minors who can be identified in the image
  • I will make a reasonable effort to inform people about any specific images of them before I post them online.
  • To the extent possible, I will remove and/or limit access to any images taken during Fellowship events, if any people who can be identified in the image request its removal after it is posted or published.
  • I will put the community experience for those present ahead of any photography needs. I understand that clicks, flashes, blocking others’ views, interrupting for poses, self-consciousness, and other side effects of photography can detract from the experience. I will use discretion during all Fellowship events to keep the impact on others from these effects to a minimum.
  • I will respect requests to limit or stop my photography during any Fellowship event, humbly accepting that I might not realized I was making them uncomfortable.