President’s Message Nov. 2018

Our theme this month is memory, and this seems to be quite appropriate in the month of Thanksgiving. There are obviously many different family events, and different ways to celebrate or honor them. For me, Thanksgiving has always been my favorite.

If there was ever any doubt that memories could be olfactory, and not just for dogs, then Thanksgiving should solve that problem. I can vividly remember what Thanksgiving smelled like as a kid. For hours and hours, before even sitting down. And it wasn’t just the turkey, or even the turkey and the pumpkin pie – it was the whole deal.

In my house, and for a kid with a sweet tooth, the centerpiece actually was the sweet potatoes. My mom was not a particularly good or healthy cook, and these were about as processed and far from the farm as they could be. They had an astounding amount of brown sugar on them, and they were amazing!

It was clear also, even to a kid, that we were at the table to celebrate each other and be thankful for our lives together. I am, however, acutely aware that not all people have a great Thanksgiving every year. Sometimes life throws a giant curve ball at you, and there isn’t enough brown sugar in the world to make it better.

I am personally looking at one of those Thanksgivings myself this year. But I hope, even with whatever problems you and your family are having, or me and my family are having, that we have the opportunity and take the time to, show our love and appreciation for those around us. Chances are they need to hear it. You’ll feel better saying it, and it might even come right back at you. And become a new memory.

Tom Wolf

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