President’s Message

Welcome to our new rotating column in News and Notes and on the website! As Board President I will be writing the second week of every month, after Reverend Nica begins the month’s rotation in the first week. She is a wonderful writer, getting practice each week writing sermons; but I am not so bad either, so please read on.


My job in this column will be to keep the congregation informed on what has been going on with the Board and CVUUF in the month just past as well as a little on the month to come. Like many of you, we tried to enjoy the summer and kept a low profile in August. Board business and Board meetings, which anyone is invited to attend, moved along as we decided things like the date for a Board retreat in both fall and spring, talked about issues like the oven repair that is taking way too long, and discussed some new RE policies and procedures. We got an update on the Capital Campaign as well. As you may or may not have heard, we have now paid back in full the deferred rent that we owed the OCR group that owns the sanctuary building. We also already put in $100,000 toward the principal on our mortgage! In the next year and a half or so, as we continue to collect the Campaign pledges, we will figure out the appropriate time to refinance the loan.


We also had a presentation from the Share Committee, which was formed just a few months ago. They are a committed and creative bunch, and their proposals are quite interesting. Reverend Nica alluded to them at the Ingathering service last Sunday, what a great service, and there will be more information rolling out in the next few weeks. I just want to whet your appetite as it were and hope that you will listen with an open if not eager mind.


The theme for the month of September is Vision, and I am positive that Reverend Nica’s words on this topic are more life sustaining than mine. But I love the theme, I love our overarching mission that is on our wall, and I anxiously look forward to continuing to explore what we can do together. As a teacher, September is always a time for new beginnings and fresh starts. As we begin the third year under Reverend Nica’s wonderful leadership, let us be grateful for all we have been able to accomplish, and look forward to lots of great things to come.


Tom Wolf



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