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Chalice Weekly Family Update

December 31, 2020


December’s theme has been… Stillness

January’s theme will be… Imagination

Sunday Morning Service at 10am

This I Believe

with special guest Ayanna Gaines and Friends

This I Believe is based on a popular radio program from the 1950s. We take time to listen to the beliefs of our congregation members. This I Believe shows us that although there is one light, there are many windows.  



Family Chapel 


Enjoy music, stories, and checking in with friends. Ideal for younger children through third grade but all are welcome!

Coming up for January – Crossing Paths: Quakerism

Registration opens December 15

Sessions start January 10

Open to 4th through 8th graders, we explore a different religion each month through videos, discussions, and activities. This is highly recommended to youth in 7th and 8th grade, offering a strong base when they begin Coming of Age in the 2021-22 church year.

The link for this program will be sent to those who are registered.

For more information contact your DRE Sam Dickerson at

Save the Date:

UU Elementary Winter Camp Connections with Shannon and Bill Stoker, Elementary Winter Camp Deans

      Friday-Sunday, February 5 – 7, 2021/ daily (youth currently in grades K-5)

If you have any questions, please contact them at .

Pacific Western Region offerings for UU Youth

Peer Pastoral TrainingBe the One They Turn to – February 19-20

Register here – Scholarships available through Chalice RE

Youth Leadership DevelopmentTransform YoUUself – Begins January 9

Register here – Scholarships available through Chalice RE

Winter 2021 Middle School Conference – February 27

Ask any teen that has been to a Youth Con and they will wax poetic on how amazing they are. Now there is one open to Middle Schoolers!

Register here – Scholarships available through Chalice RE

Have you heard of Watch Night?

On December 31, 1862, “slaves in the Confederate states gathered in churches and private homes on the night before U.S. Pres. Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation was expected to go into effect, pending his signing of the document. The soon-to-be-free slaves stayed awake all night and watched the night turn into a new dawn while waiting for news that the Emancipation Proclamation had been issued, thus making all the slaves legally free.” ~ Britanica

Since then, African American churches across the country have held Watch Night services in commemoration of that night, praying and singing and sharing God’s love. You can listen to the Rev. Denis Ogelsby give his own explanation for this Freedom’s Eve celebration.

“From Whence We Came” is short film offering deep stories of the history of Watch Night and how its traditions are carried on today. There is also the History of Watch Night, offering an explanation which may be better for younger children.

This is such an important moment in our country’s history. We have come so far, yet we have much further to go.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Happy New Year!

What is your New Year’s tradition? Does your family dance and sing? Watch movies? Go to a party? Watch fireworks?

Do you have any special foods you like to eat? See these kids try New Years food from around the world. Is there anything your family might like to try?

If you can’t quite bring yourself to stay up until midnight, here’s a fun countdown video to lead you into 2021, fireworks and all!

However you and your family choose to ring in the New Year, hears wishing you health and happiness in the days to come. Cheers!

Your DRE, Sam Dickerson, is still enjoying a little stay-cation time over the holidays. Sam will be away from Chalice through January 2. She will be back in the virtual office January 3.

Happiest of holidays to you all! Wishing you the many blessings this season has to offer!

Our mission: Religious Education empowers children and youth and supports families with tools to create a world of justice and compassion.

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