Religious Education News December

I love the mystery of miracles, don’t you? All range of miracles are worth cheering for, from the house spared from a wildfire, right down to that $5 bill you just found in the laundry. You’re not quite sure how it happened but feel gratitude, nonetheless. That house that was spared? The fire insurance lapsed when the homeowner lost their job. That $5 bill you just found? You can put it in the gas tank and ensure your sick child gets to their doctor appointment. We don’t question the miracle, we just embrace the relief that it brings.

I think most of us can agree that our place of worship can be a bit of mystery to those who are unfamiliar with The UU Way. But when you finally decide to surrender to that mystery and peer through the curtain… Wow. We are a miraculous people! Our gatherings are abuzz with energy. Sermons and music inspire wonder. The energy that goes into our outreach efforts both within and outside of these walls creates magic. We believe we are unstoppable if we love unabashedly. There is no questioning of our energy, wonder, magic, or love. We do not question the miracle that is us. Maybe it’s worth considering to just let go and revel in the mystery that surrounds us.

I am in awe of this congregation. It truly has been a miracle in my life. When I started here all those many years ago, I know I certainly had a LOT of questions. You were a mystery to me. When I finally let go, I gained so much. Isn’t that amazing? I am always grateful for the miracle of you.

Sending you all so much love during this mysterious yet miraculous holiday season. May you all receive an abundance of blessings!

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