Social Action February 2019


All are welcome to join in our semi-annual Social Action meeting with Rev. Nica on Sunday, April 7 from 12:30pm to 2pm (date revised from March).  Get acquainted with the activities of our three Social Action ministries and our Community Forums as we consider new possibilities together.

Many of us find our lives are full and move from one moment to the next.  At times, we make the extra push to dedicate ourselves to one involvement or another – all important work.  Like geese flying south, we take turns in the lead – then fall back to rest.  I’m very grateful for the inspirational leadership and thoughtful work of Grace DiTommaso in her term as Social Action Director.  She has stepped down from that position and I have agreed to serve as acting Social Action Coordinator while we seek a new Director.  As I stretch into this position, I find our congregation is buzzing with social actions.

There are many opportunities for involvement with our Community Forum committee or any of the three current ministries:  Economic Inequality, Gender Equality and Reproductive Health, and Racial and Cultural Justice.

There are also climate related actions underway or brewing as I write this. From the 1st Tuesday monthly meal provided by Helping Hands, to planning and discussion for targeted education, advocacy and protest, and showing up at local events with our values, many members of our congregation are engaged. You can learn more by reading the Social Action report on our website, our News and Notes, and by following our Facebook CVUUF Social Justice page.

You can also sign up to join the email list, or even peruse bulletin boards in Fellowship Hall. If you have questions about social action at our Fellowship, please feel free to contact me at and I’ll seek answers if I don’t have them readily available.

Barbara Leighton, acting Social Action Coordinator



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  1. I would really like help work with refugees and/or immigrants locally. Do you have, are you aware of any programs?

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