Social Action – Guest Contributor, Matthew Chapa

Where do you find solace and a reprieve from the onslaught of news that transpires to completely enrage or numb you?

What balm could be created to heal the onslaught of turmoil dropped in your inbox, newspapers, and social media?

What if you could contribute to a cause that you hold dear, or revel in finding something that would become a passion which you could address in the realm of social justice beyond just showing up for a march or other three-hour affair?

For me, I opted to volunteer as a “Big Brother” to a child for the last three years supporting the essence of social justice by contributing to one individual. There are countless organizations in Ventura County that could become your expression of supporting a more just world. The myriad of opportunities to volunteer, merely sampled here, are: CASA, Hospice of the Conejo, Habitat for Humanity, Conejo Free Clinic, Manna Conejo Valley Foodbank, SCOREMany Mansions, or any number of opportunities presented by CVUUF itself (contact Barbara Leighton, CVUUF Social Action Coordinator).

William J. Barber said “Those of us who have in our history the commonality of suffering from hate, we know that those who won the day are those who chose love in the midst of hate.” Why not resist hate, as Barber says, by choosing love through the action of volunteering to create a more just world.





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