Social Action Updates

We can’t put November behind us or wish the bad things away. The shooting and the fires will have a continued impact on us. But I hope that you also experienced some healing, some renewal, some warmth and support from your families and friends through the little Thanksgiving holiday.

Please continue to remember and use the 805 UndocuFund and the Ventura County Community Foundation to support the people most directly harmed by the fires and the shooting.

See complete Fire News and Links:

As we continue to serve others, let me describe a few things going on in CVUUF in terms of Social Justice Ministries.  It goes without saying, your participation and interest are NEEDED and welcome to keep our ministries.

For one thing, please be aware that our next Quarterly Social Justice Community-Wide Meeting will be on Sunday, December 16th, following the second service. We want to hear about everything you’ve got going on, or what you are interested in; and we will discuss our 3 ongoing ministries, and possible changes. Thanks for your participation!

LGBTQ/Reproductive Issues Ministry

The LGBTQ+ Youth Group started up in November.  This space is available for teens to drop in on the first Thursday of every month, 6:30 to 8:30 in Fellowship Hall. Email

I believe that the Board for Conejo Pride! 2019 is still inviting members.

Economic Justice Ministry (EJM)

The Feeding Hands ministry has made a smoooooth leadership transition, thanks to Lisa and Howard!

EJM also sponsored a successful winter clothing drive in November.

The Healthcare Community Forum was a great success. Unfortunately, the critically important Forum on Hunger in the Community had to be postponed due to the emergency conditions. So, in 2019, EJM will be re-forming the Forum on Hunger in the Community and will be bringing us an important Community Forum on HEALTHCARE FOR EVERYONE!  Now is the time!

Racial and Cultural Justice Ministry (RCJM)

The first big event for RCJM in the new year will be Beloved Conversations, a course that will help participants engage in, and make sense of, difficult conversations around race. The first round of participants for the February 2019 course are already in place.  But the course will cycle through repeatedly.  Our hope is that it will have a significant impact on CVUUF’s community!

We are also doing what we can to support the immigrants along the California border. For more information on that, you might reach out to Willie Lubka.

The RCJM ministry has a LOT of things happening… Community Forums on Anne Braden, the MLK event in Oxnard on Monday, 21 January; another proposed forum about our indigenous community’s water needs (Dig Deep) and support for the refugee “caravan” folks.

Our ministry has united with CAUSE and SURJ, two Ventura County groups, to serve the needs of Latinos and undocumented families in our area. Currently, SURJ-VC is seeking some new members for their leadership circle. Are you interested?

Our Whole Lives (OWL)

The Our Whole Lives program is filling up quickly in all age groups! We are excited to again be able to offer this program to our congregation and the wider community. For more information or to sign up your children, please email

That is just an overview. I love being a part of this healing, serving, hopeful community. Thank you for letting me serve!

Gracie, CVUUF Social Action Director


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