Social Justice July 2019


Next Steps


Lights for Liberty in Camarillo was a success with hundreds of people and some 40 Chalice members and friends participating to uphold human rights at the border.  Thanks to overall planning from a wide coalition of community groups and certain individuals from Chalice like Willie, Pamela, Danielle, Tiffany and Brian P. our table was able to distribute LED chalices for folks to raise together in the dark of night.  Gordon, Marjorie, Debbie, Andy and others prepared and staffed the table.  CLUE VC was instrumental in helping to make this evening of solidarity, compassion and hope an invigorating experience.  Connections were made in this opportunity to give and receive information of ongoing justice work in Ventura County and how we can help one another.  Now what?  Here are 3 immediate things you can do:

SWAP MEET JUSTICE happens every last Sunday of the month from 8am to 3pm at Oxnard College Community Marketplace (next to the bookstore).  Volunteers are trained to help people fill out forms needed to renew DACA or Green cards, register to vote, register for Selective Service or apply for citizenship.  If you want to volunteer in this hands-on helping, send an email to  For more information, you can call (805) 486-9777 or talk to Marjorie about her experience there.

Check our bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall to find a simple sample script for phone calls to our legislators.   To support humane action, call your Representative to let them know you want them to co-sponsor and support HR 1069 Shut Down Child Prison Camps, and HR 2217 Families NOT Facilities Act.  Call both of our Senators to ask them to support S. 397 Shut Down Child Prison Camps Act, and thank them for supporting S.388 Families NOT Facilities Act.

Attend and help promote our own Community Forum “Saint Judy” on July 26 at 7pm.  After the film, Judy Wood, immigration attorney, will be with us to discuss her experiences and her fight that changed American asylum law.

Now is the time to put renewed energy to use with valuable phone calls and actions to show ourselves, our legislators, and the wider community that we are persistent on the long road to just and humane treatment for all people.  We are stronger when we work together and recognize that our actions, or inactions, are part of making our interdependent world what it is today.



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