Social Justice Update

The Social Action Team meeting with Reverend Nica took place on April 5. Group leaders presented information about developments since our November 2019 meeting. Since we are in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, we identified some actions we can take right now online toward social justice.

The next Chalice Climate Action Change (CCAT) meeting is on April 26 at 12:30. We will be discussing  “Human Element”. This film can be viewed free between April 17-26 . See 

Check out This organization offers an array of programs to bring about transformative growth, including Ecological Living and Emotional Healing.

The next community forum is on Friday, April 17 at 7pm. The event will be on Zoom, with Stanley Mantooth, Ventura County Superintendent of Schools, presenting and Mike Teasdale moderating. Topics will include responses to mitigate impacts on learning and school lunches due to COVID-19 school closures.

Beloved Conversations began in February with 15 participants. Two sessions were held before the shut down for COVID-19, and the remaining sessions are postponed based on the recommendation of curriculum developers.

League of Latin American Citizens (LULAC) now has virtual meetings on the 4th Thursday at 7pm. Contact Willie Lubka for information.

Feeding Hands has been suspended due to COVID-19 and county schools have been closed. There are organizations actively working toward providing food for families and children in need. For information and/or to help, contact Adelante Comunidad Conejo, CA Health4All campaign, Harbor House or

UU The Vote- A campaign introduced by UUA to help citizens exercise their right to vote for decent government (non-partisan), has suggested that congregations participate by writing postcards and encouraging voting.

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