Social Justice Updates June 2019



  • Sadly, in recent months we have seen continuous governmental assault on many people.  From states passing legislation to restrict health care for women, to the cruelty of national immigration policies – there seems to be a focus on hurting those who are desperate or living in poverty.

    Fortunately, there are people all around who are committed to helping and working toward a just and compassionate world.  You can join in the efforts to take steps in positive directions.

    Mid-June our Chalice Community Forum with Julie Mickelberry, Planned Parenthood Central Coast Action Fund Vice President, gave positive pointers on advocacy techniques to stop abortion bans, ways to promote California’s reproductive health care policies, and recommendations to change the talk about abortion in our country.  People acting together to take these steps can change the narrative and support safe, legal, abortion as one option for those facing difficult decisions in their personal lives.   We can help to reduce unwanted pregnancy.  Get prominent on social media.  You could even host a House Party for legislators and friends.  This kind of interaction can provide an opportunity for in-depth discussion of beliefs, feelings and personal experience that may help our legislators in decision making.

    In early June, six Chalice members attended “Teach-in Act-out: A Day of Building Advocates for Immigrants and Refugees” at Ventura UU.  Vanessa Frank, immigration attorney, gave an overview of terms and general processes.  Rev. Dana Worsnop  and our own Lorella Hess, associate attorney,  talked about sanctuary and asylum.  Dr. Ruth Capelle described systemic causes of migration.  Our Minister Emerita, Rev. Betty Stapleford, talked about immigrant detention and visitation at Adelanto.  Lunch included delightful music by the children of Mariachi Inlakech, a local band.  Julie Diaz Martinez summarized the current inhumane conditions at the border in Tijuana.  People can help by volunteering for a week, making donations to shelters or Al Otro Lado, and sharing information.  If you know people who are suffering from threats of deportation, you can urge them to get “Know Your Rights” training.  Check our bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall for information.

    There will probably always be struggles for fairness.  Our challenge is to live our lives and act in ways that are consistent with our beliefs.







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